Dividend Digital Media Consultants


Website Development

Do you know your websites "Location"?
Built-in to our development, "location" brings your brand to visibility of client traffic.
Without proper "location", a website neglects being a source of business for you.
Our website are built from the ground up to bring dividends to your business.
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Dividend Development

Does your website bring business to you?
Most websites are a pretty picture, missing proven methods to collect, direct, and convert leads; even newly built websites. Passive websites neglect client needs.
We build Active online branding, founded on Research, to create visibility to impact qualified leads.
Beyond the website, many other tools can be mastered to build business beyond your website.
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Marketing Development

Does your online presence maximize dividends?
We study scientific metrics about your specific business, competition, and take action towards the most efficient methods to bring you qualified business.
Tracking is essential to efficiently spend where it works. Traditional advertising has very minimal tracking.
Personalized marketing plans show where budget is effective, and action for marketing create brand visibility, findability, and ultimately dividends.
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Big Media for Small Business


Visibility. Findability. Stayability.

You have an average of 3 seconds and 3 clicks to convert your visitors to customers. An online presence is critical in the world of business today. No matter how small or big you business is, most often the first step is online.
  • Visibility: You may be the best, but who can find you? When they find you are they converting to customers? Is that being measured?
  • Findability: Your website is the only 24/7 face for customers to find what they’re looking, anytime and anyplace while in an active pursuit of their desired need.
  • Stayability: Within seconds, potential customers will leave if they can't see what they need. Does your site show what's needed and cause action to be taken?
IQAcquire provides Digital Marketing and Development Solutions for businesses looking to create a consistent flow of online traffic to convert into new business growth.

Portfolio: Website Development

Restaurant Rich & warm, inviting as this business offers retail services. Media rich with photos & product exposure. The menu stands for user engagement, and a slideshow quickly delivers information about services.
Ecommerce sales website -
Fuller Land and Tree - Services oriented website. Builtin SEO advances incoming client traffic. A smart, clean looking introduction supports trust and awareness of their brand and services.
HazePage - A product oriented website for art. Visuals display the beauty of the art. Builtin SEO effects bringing in relevant internet clients. A products store supports online sales.
Developed to direct visitors into taking action. Easy display of information and services for quick analysis. Social and media sharing options.
AquaDry Waterproofing Exposure & aesthetics website to direct customers to contact for services.
Services website. Contact and sharing media display quickly to enhance customer contact. Slideshow enhances service display. Easy top four buttons get clients to what they need quickly via simplification. Lower text meets Google criteria to be placed high in searches.
Skybar Asheville Exposure & aesthetics website to direct customers to retail location.
BridgesElderCare.com (subsite)
Flatiron Building A simple appearance allows branding to be first and strong. A slider drifts a variety of information actively to the user, and a strong social cue and call-to action below cover the above-the-fold area with a strong presence.