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Web Dev Basic: Simple Access, Solid Functions



A website developed using more simple tech which allows easier access to features. Still accessible to in-house and lo/mid-range techs, this gives great savings to maintenance and upkeep compared to most websites.

  • Source Based – A scaled functionality coding platform with high function and mid/low-range Tech access
  • Range of pre-coded tools to create nearly any functionality you desire
  • Range of Styles & Appearances of Website can be one of a kind
  • Customizable layout sections, appearance, and visuals.
  • Best for easy upkeep/maintenance site to enhance visual appeal of viewers
  • Third-party or In-House Techs able to alter/maintain at approx. $15-$30/hr. pricing
  • Industry Standard Coding maintains access to high majority of users and devices via responsive design (fits itself to the users device)
  • Secure, Low Hackability (Due to our unique internal setup structure)
  • Low Update Costs: Low/Mid-level techs can do edits and changes post-development
  • Maintenance Included: For less than $12/month, standard code and security updates are included

Functionality Available:

  • Facebook Connect: A gallery and page on your site to embed within one of your Facebook Brand Pages
  • Contact forms: Visitors email you from website securely
  • Shopping Cart & Products: Add as many products you like w/ payment through secure CC processors and PayPal
  • Email Marketing: A capture form offers value to a visitor in exchange for their contact info. This statistically increases engagement.
  • Testimonials: Feature builds trust by displaying a beautiful testimonial and star rating on pages
  • SEO Basics Marketing: Pages & coding allows communication to Google to send you more ideal client traffic
  • Security: Security is included. Ongoing security protects from hacking, viruses, and having client info stolen

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